About K O’Shaughnessey

bootcamp_reception-15After graduating with a Computer Science degree from Yale University and working in the field, I left the industry depleted and hoping to never code again.  Almost fifteen years later, while teaching mathematics in high school, I found myself engaging in a national conversation about the need to teach 21st century skills and Computer Science to all students.

I have set about rekindling my latent coding skills to be a part of the movement to make Computer Science accessible to everyone, so that all students gain a basic understanding about technology and how their computers work.  My secondary goal is to help make all students feel welcome in this world of computer science, so that they do not feel the lack of belonging that I often did as I learned the art of Computer Science.

This blog is my attempt to share my teaching experience with others and start a conversation about how the tribe of Computer Science teachers can move forward and effect change in our educational system in a constantly evolving and hard to navigate technological landscape.

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